Cleanup Cloths - Blankets - Stuffed Animals

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IT'S A BOY..... IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!

Welcoming that special someone into your life changes everything! After 9 months of pregnancy and with all the sleepless nights to come, that special couple deserves a beautiful, personalized gift for their newborn.

My Baby Burp Cloths are my #1 Bestseller! They are so beautiful, I had one new Mom tell me she just couldn't use them and instead she framed them as art for her baby's room!!!

Despite how pretty they look, they are such a practical gift for new parents. My Burp Cloths are made from a very high-quality ring-spun cotton that feels softer than a baby's bottom and will clean-up any mess or burp that Baby can dish out.

I also embroider super-soft satin trimmed blankets with cute appliqué designs, Bear Blankeys, clothing, stuffed animals, bibs, and much more. I have many unique designs, special fonts and birthday appliqué fonts that would make even a simple t-shirt something special.